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Why Should You Consider a Chiller Van Company in Dubai

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Providing product safety and quality is a key component of refrigerated transport (such as chiller vans Dubai) for many industries in the UAE. Refrigerated transport prevents bacterial growth as well as preserves freshness.

For many industries in the UAE, refrigerated transport (such as chiller van Dubai) is a vital part of ensuring product safety and quality. As well as preventing bacterial growth, refrigerated transport ensures product freshness. A better understanding of chiller van’s functional role in cold chain management in the UAE, along with more stringent government regulations, has led to the sector’s significant, healthy growth. In the following cases, our refrigeration services may be of use:

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Longevity of products

The higher the temperature, the more likely it is that certain products, such as flowers, chocolate, and confectionery, will deteriorate. The environment inside an enclosed space can reach temperatures of 70 degrees Celsius in the UAE. Refrigerated vehicles and refrigerated transport, in general, manage the temperature to transport goods in the most optimal range. If you are looking for an organization that will service your refrigeration units as well as your vehicles, makes sure that they perform regular maintenance. Request calibration certificates and records if necessary. Moreover, there are certain companies (such as Redlink Cargo) that offer you the opportunity to monitor the temperature in the refrigerated compartment life or a report as well. Your goods are handled with care, which gives you peace of mind.

Installed with certifications and standards compliance

 The UAE has greatly improved its regulations governing refrigerated transport, in particular for foodstuffs. Thus, your provider must hold the appropriate licenses as well as the food transportation permits issued by the emirates. Whenever possible, ask your supplier for these documents. A minimum level of food handling certification should also be obtained from a Foodwatch approved training institution before driving.

Don’t let bacteria ruin your valuables

 The fact that bacteria cannot grow at reduced temperatures is well known. On the other hand, suppliers of chiller vans need to provide clean, water-proof, food-safe vehicles to prevent their vehicles from becoming a source of contamination for your goods. Make sure you inspect the vehicle yourself before you rent it by asking for its details.

The ability to handle a variety of loads

 One of the best formats for refrigerated vehicles is the chiller van. As well as reducing per-unit transportation costs, it is cost-efficient, easy to operate, and can hold a large number of products. Chiller van Dubai provides high-roof format vans, which are slightly taller (1.35m inside height versus 1.08m) and longer (3.07m inside width versus 2.42m) than those with standard roofs.

Rentable daily or for a longer period

 A chiller van may not yet be appropriate for your business. If your fleet is in good condition, but you’re experiencing unusually high demand – or if a breakdown leaves you without refrigerated transport – your options can be limited. You may want to consider renting chiller vans daily. As a refrigerated transport service provider(Chiller van Dubai), Offer a wide range of services including short notice, short term contracts, and high-quality vehicles, refrigeration units, drivers, and operating procedures – all managed by a team of professionals with years of experience who understand that goods are not moved from A to B, they are transported from B to A.

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