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Chiller Truck

What is a reefer Chiller truck or trailer?

What is a reefer Chiller truck or trailer?

To be ready to transport temperature-sensitive products, trucks, and trailers must be ready to keep a uniform temperature no matter the surface weather and windchill. In weather, a unit must be ready to cool, while in very weather a unit might be got to heat the consignment.

“A reefer Chiller Truck a truck or trailer which features a refrigeration unit and a thermostat Also called chiller truck, they will be small class 1 trucks right up to the most important combination vehicles. Reefers are available in two sorts of body: box body (or hard side) and curtainsider. Box body reefers have more natural insulation. Curtainsiders run insulated curtains, which are harder to slip backward and forwards but structure for the loss of thermal mass. Curtainside reefers, as standard enjoy having the ability to be loaded and unloaded from each side along the length of the deck, also as from the rear. However, custom bodies are often ordered, like this one.

Chiller Truck

This class 4 rigid Chiller truck has a chiller unit above the cab. It’s usual for box body trucks  to have a rear door and at least one set of sides door to make it easy to deliver partial loads, but they’re not as close as curtain-siders unless the doors are full length

Chiller Truck

This rigid chiller truck has the smaller door for its load cells; multiple parts may be kept at different temperatures

The cooling unit sits at the front of the semitrailer or pulls the trailer, or above the cab in a truck.