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Same Day Chiller Van Transport in Dubai

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For small-scale refrigeration requirements, a dependable chiller rental company can give you a professional experience with your frozen food needs. If you’re beginning on a smaller size and have a limited amount of needs for food delivery A chiller van rental can provide you with a great ease and access to cooling transport. They are able to transport seafood, meat as well as dry fruits, ice cream vegetables, medications, and any other food item that you require to transport throughout Dubai, UAE. They are also a great option to cool any cooling requirements your company might require. Let’s look at the ways that your company will benefit from a top-quality chiller vehicle rental.


If you’re involved in moving food items or storage of food items and other liquids, it is essential to choose a high-quality refrigerated chiller van business with a reliable cooling unit installed in the vehicle. The chiller van business is accountable for ensuring that food that is stored inside the vehicle has an even temperature inside to ensure that dangerous condensation doesn’t form when the temperature rise. The chiller van offers greater flexibility when it comes to temperature control, and also the ability to regulate temperatures in order to ensure that food stored in it is safe and in good condition when it reaches its destination. It is possible to see that hiring a chiller van service is cheaper in the long haul than buying one to set up your own.

Standard chiller van is equipped with an inbuilt compressor as well as an air cooler that regulates the temperature of stored food items. While the vehicle travels through various temperatures the compressed air inside the vehicle absorbs heat from the surroundings and assists in reducing internal temperature. When the interior temperatures start to get cooler, the compressor will pull in more air, and the cycle continues to the point that the temperature of the food has been properly maintained. If you are planning prolonged periods of movement the food, it is guaranteed that there won’t be any issues regarding the internal temperature and that the customers will be secure and safe upon arrival at the restaurant. In the event of severe weather conditions, a chilled van fitted with a blower motor connected to the radiator of the vehicle can be a great method to lower temperatures outside and ensure safe temperatures for food during transportation.

If you’re located in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or any other region of the UAE it is possible to benefit from our chiller delivery service. Our chiller trucks come with double doors that have security features to ensure that the items you transport will be secure and safe. A lot refrigerators as well as freezer trucks have features such as central heating and AC to keep your car’s interiors cool while you travel.

You can pick the type of chiller van rental in Dubai that best suits your needs and budget. There are many types of refrigeration trucks in our fleet. Some of them include – single door chiller van rental, double door chiller van rental and super big chiller van rental. If you are looking for a major purchase, you can opt for the double door chiller vehicle. Always choose chiller vans that come with a guarantee because the more time you’ll use the vehicle that has a warranty, the more you’ll save.

FCT Refrigerated Transport has a large variety of vans that are available for rent. While price will be a deciding factor for many, the comfort, convenience and efficiency of these chiller vans will be well worth any extra cost. They can be used for transporting perishable goods and for general storage and transportation of goods. This is just one of the many uses for Dubai’s chiller van – the freezer van.

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